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Steelforce Pro 200 Height Adjustable Desk

  • £000 Exc VAT

The SteelForce Pro 200 desk frame is unique among the Actiforce line. It trades in the electric height adjustment motor for a manual crank handle. By doing this, it reduces the price of production and passes those savings onto you, the customer. It utilizes the simple, yet robust, style that Actiforce is known for, while reducing noise and power consumption. The manual, mechanical adjustment allows for a height range of 62-105 cm, making this desk an extremely affordable, quiet, green option for almost any adult. This frame has no crossbeam to hinder legroom or wheelchair access, but has been precision engineered to retain the strength of the powder-coated steel. It has a lifting capacity of 60 kg, making it suitable for use under medium payloads of books, files, and monitors.


The range explained

  • Most Popular/Stable: The Aluforce 250 is still our most popular actiforce desk. The desk has a fixed crossbar making it the most stable desk in the range
  • Budget: The Aluforce Pro 140 is the entry level desk in the Actiforce line. It has a lifting capacity of 60 kg, suitable for small to medium work loads, and is excellently priced. It is width adjustable from 110-170 cm, and has a height range of 70-117 cm. The SteelForce Pro 200 is manually adjusted via a crank handle, rather than an electric motor. It is an ideal solution for buyers on a budget. It has a lifting capacity of 60 kg, and a height range of 62-105 cm.
  • L-Shape: The Aluforce Pro 251 is L-shaped, providing for greater flexibility and stability, for a considerably smaller sum. It has a height range of 63-128 cm and a lifting capacity of 100 kg, making it ideal for heavy equipment.
  • Excutive: The Aluforce Pro 270 GT has a memory master feature, allowing you to set up to four presets for the height adjustment. It has a range of 63-128 cm and a lifting capacity of 90 kg, making it suitable for large workloads and equipment.
  • Space Saving: The Aluforce Pro 550 M SC is a compact, mobile desk solution, suitable for small offices, clinical, and commercial spaces. A lifting capacity of 50 kg makes it suitable for light workloads and laptop computers.


At a Glance

  • Operation: Manual Winding Handle
  • Height Range: 620-1050mm
  • Frame Size (Width x Depth): 1000mm-1400mm x 750mm
  • Desktop Sizes (Width x Width (return) x Depth x Depth (return)): 1200mm x 800mm//1400mm x 800mm//1600mm x 800mm//1800mm x 800mm
  • Warranty: Frame (2 year) / Motor (1 year)
  • Unique Features:
    • Manual adjustment
    • Budget price
  • Delivery Lead Time: 7-10 days

Lifting Mechanism


Height Range


Lifting Capacity


Max width of frame


Minimum width of frame


Depth of frames




Frame, materials

Powder coated aluminium





Height adjustment speed


Preset height function


Noise Db(A)



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