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Specify and Ergochair

Using Chair Measurements to Specify an Ergochair Chair

Once you have your measurements, the next stage is to specify the best chair design. We can do this for you if you send us your measurements and any other relevant information. Alternatively, you can download and complete one of the pdfs below. The article below is designed as a guide to help bridge the gap between the measurements that have been taken and how they need to be used to specify the features and size of the chair.


      Backrest Width : The backrest width should be the same width as the shoulder width measurement.  Please note: if there is more than 500mm difference between the backrest width you need and the seat pan please contact us.


      Backrest Height : Please note that if you are using a neck support, you need to subtract 150mm from the Nape of Neck measurement in order to calculate the correct back height.


      Seat Pan Width : The seat pan width should be 400mm (in total) wider than the hip width.

      Seat Pan Depth : The seat pan depth should be 300mm shorter than the thigh length.

      Seat Pan Height Range: The seat pan height range should be able to go approximately 5cm higher than the popliteal height.


      Armrest Height : The armrest height range should be at least 2cms less + more that the distance from the seat pan to the underside of the flexed elbow (when the elbow is flexed at 90 degrees and the arm is resting at the side of the body.


      Lumbar Support:  The lumbar cell height should be the same as the Lumbar height measurement.


      Weight Limit: Ensure that the individual weighs less than the weight limit for the chair.

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