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Measuring for an Office Chair for Scoliosis

Why is it important to complete measurements for office chairs for scoliosis?
Scoliotic changes in the spine can lead to a change in three dimensional shape of the spine and so in order to recommend a chair that will fit, we need to build up an accurate picture of the shape and size of your spine. This section is designed to provide a short overview of what this process entails. For more detailed information please contact us.

How long does it take? The initial measurement stage takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

How much does it cost? There is no cost for the initial measurements to be taken 

What do we do with the measurements? The measurements are used by us to build up a chair specification of an office chair for scoliosis including the size of the backrest, the shape of the backrest, what air cells are needed and where they need to be positioned.

What does the user need to wear? There are no specific clothing requirements and they can wear normal office clothing.

Where do you do it in the office? We normally request an empty room that we can book out in the office. If this is not possible we can meet the user in a different location?

Do you have experience to do this? Yes. We are qualified Chartered Physiotherapists with specialist experience in Ergonomics. We have been completing spine mapping to help users find suitable scoliosis chairs for over 5 years.

What will the user do during the session? We ask the user to sit in a chair from which we will take a number of measurements. We will occasionally ask them to change position and we will place a series of air cells on different parts of the chair to help us build the chair profile.

Is a Scoliosis chair expensive? Whilst Ergochair scoliosis chairs are personalised and do cost more than a cheap off the shelf office chair they are not prohibitively expensive. After full specification chairs will cost in the region of £590-839 Exc VAT.

Where do you offer this measurement service? We offer this service in a wide range of locations in the UK. To check if your location is covered please contact us.

How long will it take to receive that chair? Once we have completed the assessment and you have requested the chair it takes 7-10 days to deliver it. This lead time is necessary because the chair is fully customised and made to order in the UK.

Can the user try the chair? Yes we offer office chairs for scoliosis on a trial basis and as part of this service the chair will be delivered and fitted for the user.  For more information on the trial please contact us.

Will the user need a neckrest? Some users will need a neck rest whilst other won’t. Normally, the  workstation assessor will recommend whether or not a neckrest should be put on the chair and the type of neckrest required. It is very important that the neckrest is fitted correctly on the chair because a poorly positioned support can sometimes exacerbate poor posture.

Will the user need armrests? Many people who have a scoliosis do get armrests as they not only provide upper limb support but can also give some degree of lateral support for users. There are a wide range of armrest options that we can suggest based on the users requirements.
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