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Fitting and Trialling a Scoliosis Office Chair


This is a short summary is designed to help ergonomic professionals and users learn about how we fit and trial a scoliosis office chair. The text is written at a basic level and so if you want more advanced information please contact us. 

Why do you run trials? Whilst we believe in our chairs we also know that not all chairs will suit everyone and so in order to make getting one of our chairs risk free, we felt it was important to offer a no hassle chair trial to customers. This is important for all chairs but even more important for individuals who have changes in the shape of their spine and need specialist levels of support.

How do you know we will get the right chair for the user? Before trialing a chair we will always select the chair based on a full assessment of the users` needs. 

What are the benefits of having a scoliosis chair fitted? There are several benefits of a fitting. Firstly, because the chair is highly adjustable we can ensure that all the settings are set for the user. Because most users will be working at a workstation the fitting also allows us to ensure that they are setup correctly for the desk and computer that they are using. Once we have gone through a full fitting we provide some useful techniques for ensuring that the users can achieve consistently good ergonomic positioning over the long term. Changing sitting posture does often require some level of behavior change and so we use a range of techniques to help users start this journey.

How long is a chair fitting? Most scoliosis office chair fittings take up to 60 minutes to complete.

Where do you do it? We always try to complete the fitting at your normal workstation, This could be at your workplace or at home.

What does the user wear during a chair fitting? Normal office clothes.

How will the user remember what you tell them? We will write all the key messages down for the user on an instruction booklet for future reference.

Will the chair be uncomfortable initially? Most people with a scoliosis will get some instant relief when they sit on the chair. Notably, in the first 2 weeks some people report getting new aches and niggles which gradually dissipate over time. We are not sure exactly why some people get these but it is most likely the result of the body transitioning to the new ergonomic position.

How long is the trial? The trial will normally last 2 weeks.

What If the user does not get on with the chair? If they don’t like the chair it can be returned.

Will 2 weeks be long enough? For most people 2 weeks is long enough to decide whether the chair will suit them

What if I have a question once you leave? Sometimes people have questions once the installation has been completed. For those questions you can call a dedicated chair support team member on 0203 051 0157.

How will the chair be delivered? Normally the chair will be delivered by courier in box and then we will come in and take the box apart, assemble the chair and fit it for the user.

Are you qualified to install this chair? All of our installers are either chartered physiotherapists or ergonomic practitioners with a specialism in chairs. All installers have a great deal of experience working with Ergochair scoliosis office chairs.

Is there any charge for the trial? The trial itself is free for a range of locations. For some regions there is a small surcharge but we will always ensure we clearly identify any potential costs when you contact us.

How can the user get the very best out of a trial? There are some simple things that the user can do that will drastically increase the chances of a successful trial.

1)  Once the user has been shown how to use the chair, they need to keep changing the settings over the first week so that they develop confidence in changing the settings on their own.

2)  Have regular rest breaks: Even if you sit in a good posture in a very good quality chair, if you sit for hours uninterrupted you place increased stress on the body which can lead to backache and a wide range of other musculosketal issues. We always encourage users to  take 2-3 minute breaks from sitting every 30 minutes, which gives them a chance to change the way body weight is being transferred through the spine and  temporarily increase circulation levels. This is not only good for the users spine but also their general health.

3)  Manage expectations: Sitting on chair should help make the user more comfortable and can improve productivity. However, there is very clear evidence that most musculoskeletal issues are multi-factorial and respond most effectively when you deal with a number of the potential factors such as, poor posture, poor moving and handling techniques, remove aggravating factors, improving core muscle strength etc.

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