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Ergonomic Chairs for Scoliosis

This section of the website is dedicated to helping users find ergonomic chairs for Scoliosis. We have experience helping people find chairs with a range of scoliotic changes in the spine, ranging from very small changes in lateral spine alignment to much larger alterations.The information is written as a summary and so if you want more detailed information please contact us .

The problem of sitting on standard chair with a scoliosis

A Scoliosis can lead to a change in the three dimensional shape of the spine, which in turn can influence the position of the rib cage and scapula and other parts spine and thorax. Because standard chair backrests support evenly across the spine they are not designed to accommodate asymmetrical changes in the spine. The result is that on a standard off the shelf chair some parts of a Scoliotic spine will be compressed by the backrest whilst others won’t have adequate support.

Over time, an unsupported spine will often ache and can promote compensatory sitting positions which in the worst case scenario will exacerbate the poor posture and lead to further discomfort.

How Ergochair Adapt 600 chairs can help

Ergochair are a UK based manufacturer who have taken a radically different approach to seating and offer truly personalised ergonomic chairs for scoliosis. Whilst Ergochair chairs are designed to look like an office chair they can be totally customized to each individuals needs.

How does it work? As a specialist supplier of Ergochair products we will initially visit the user and take a number of measurements of the spine. This process called spine mapping has been developed to enable us to build up a better picture of the shape of the users spine so that we can make sure the chair will actually meet their needs. For more information on the spine mapping for scoliosis chairs please contact us. Once the spine mapping is complete we produce a profile of the chair that you can then trial for two weeks. To learn more about how our trials work please contact us.

How are our ergonomic chairs for Scoliosis modified? 

Stage 1: The first but most crucial modification is to ensure that we cut the backrest down to the size of your spine. This is very important because it allows us to ensure that the full spine is supported and the curves of the support will contact the spine in the correct position.

Stage 2: The second stage involves air cell integration. Air cells are small inflatable cassettes that can literally be positioned into any of the 4 quadrants of the backrest. Each air cell has a closed loop system connected to hand pump which enables us to precisely add more or less support, where your body needs it the most. Because the spine position will change over the day and over longer periods of time, the air cells have a pressure release system that allows us to increase or decrease this support over time.

Stage 3: The final stage that may or may not be used is called foam sculpting. As the name suggests foam sculpting allows us to precisely contour the shape of the backrest. Most commonly this involves removing foam from specific areas of the backrest and adding a thinner layer of foam. The result is that these modified areas can accommodate more pronounced areas of the spine whilst still supporting the rest of the back. In addition, because of the clever use of modified foam integration no one can visibly tell that the chair has been modified in any way.

Are there any other ways you can create an ergonomic chair for Scoliosis? The newest solution from Ergochair that has been designed to support individuals with a Scoliosis is the V600 v track. This backrests fits onto a standard adapt 600 mechanism and is height and angle adjustable. The key difference however is the patented spinal lateral wrap system which literally allows you to wrap the backrest around the spine so you can get more or less support where required. The v600 can also be integrated with air cells for additional trunk support.

We can normally help most people who need specialist chair support and so of you want some advice please or to arrange spine mapping please contact us.

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