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Gas Lifts

Description: There are a range of different gas lifts which will dictate the seat height. When deciding on the gas lift, it is very important to consider the desk height so that the user can be raised high enough to ensure a level working surface. If the user is shorter than average, this may mean that their feet come off the floor, so they may need a footrest to bridge the gap.



Description: Castors are not normally the first thing most people think about when selecting a chair, but it is well worth giving them some thought because they will directly influence how the chair will move around the environment.

  • 65mm Hard Floor Castors: Most customers will select standard hard floor castors when using the chair on stone, concrete, and tiled areas
  • 65mm Soft Floor Castors: These castors are best for slightly thicker carpets
  • 65mm Friction Unloaded Castors: If you have concerns about the chair rolling away when it is unloaded, you can use castors which will apply a small break when there is no weight on the chair
  • 65mm Friction Loaded Castors: If you are looking for there to be very little movement when sitting in the chair, the best option would be for friction loaded castors which will automatically brake when there is body weight on the chair
  • 65mm Lockable Castors: For total stability you can get castors which are lockable


Foot Ring

Description: Sometimes people have to raise up the chair height to a higher than normal position, which can result in the feet being left dangling in the air. If the feet are left unsupported, more weight will be transferred through the top half of the thighs, which can become uncomfortable over time. A footring can be attached to the gas stem at a set height so that the user can still put their feet on a stable surface whilst working at a higher position.

Key Measurement: Diameter 500 mm

      What chairs are compatible with this adaptation? Adapt 200/500/600/700


      Foot Ring with Half Footplate

      Description: Some people working at a higher level can’t find a simple footring that is supportive enough for the whole foot. For these individuals, we recommend the footring with a half footplate which is also height adjustable.

      Key Measurement:

      • Depth: 250 mm
      • Width: 500 mm

          What chairs are compatible with this adaptation? Adapt 200/500/600/700

          Extended Footplate

          Description: The extended footplate offers an extra-large solid base foot area and a height adjustment as standard.

          Key Measurement:

          • Depth: 400 mm
          • Width: 500 mm (narrowing to 450 mm)

              What chairs are compatible with this adaptation? Adapt 200/500/600/700


              Swivel lock:

              Description: The swivel lock is a highly engineered braking system that can be combined with a gas lift to ensure the seat won’t rotate when the brake is applied. This is particularly useful if the user finds getting out of the freely moveable chair difficult. It is worth noting that whilst the chair seat will not swivel, this lock will not stop the castors from moving. For a mechanism that brakes the castors as well, you need to consider the M-lock instead.

              What chairs are compatible with this adaptation? Adapt 200/500/600/700



              Description: The M lock is a simple but highly engineered device that will hold your chair totally still when the lock is applied. The device works with a hand or battery pump that engages non slip feet for maximum positional stability. This function is most commonly used by wheelchair users who need to make a transfer between their office chair and a wheelchair.

              Key Measurements: 695 mm (27”) footprint

              What chairs are compatible with this adaptation? Adapt 200/500/600/700

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