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Score Dental Saddle Stools


    Score started developing ergonomic equipment over 40 years ago and in those years have become one of the most trusted suppliers of dental saddle stools. Score seating is totally focused on quality and functionality, which is represented by their iconic highly durable stools including the Score Jumper and Amazone. The Amazone stool has been designed with a much narrower seat top, which has made the stool popular with female dentists, dental hygienists and nurses. For men, the Jumper stool has a wider seat and a less acutely angled seat top. Both the male and female saddle stools come with either a tilt adjustment or balance mechanism. The tilt adjustment allows you to adjust the forwards and backwards tilt-angle of the stool whilst the balance mechanism allows you to move the stool in all directions. Please click to learn more about the most popular saddle stools for male dentists,  female dentists , dental nurses and dental hygienists

    Score Saddle Options

    Gas Stem

    The gas stem is the central strut that connects the base to the seat top and is the mechanism that enables you to adjust the height of the stool. There are three gas stem options which should be selected based on the height that you need to work.

    • Low (Work surface height 70-80 cm)

    • Standard (Work surface height 80-90 cm)

    • High (Work surface height 90-100 cm)


    Seat Mechanism

    There are three mechanisms at the top of the score saddle stool.

    • Fixed Seat: The fixed seat is the mechanism that effectively holds the seat in a fixed position. The advantage of this type of mechanism is that it is the cheapest mechanism available. The disadvantage is that the stool does not enable much movement or tilting at the pelvis. For this reason, we don’t offer this option on the website.
    • Adjustable Seat: A tilting mechanism enables you to use a lever to adjust the upright position of the saddle. By tilting the saddle seat forwards you are able to put more weight through your feet and sit more upright. We have found this mechanism to be very successful with individuals who get pain when their back is flexed and are more comfortable in a more upright position.
    • Balance: The alternative to the tilt mechanism is the balance mechanism which allows a small degree of movement in all directions whilst sitting on the stool. This mechanism has been inspired by swiss ball sitting and is designed to strengthen your core muscles as they work to maintain the seat position.



    As a standard the stools come with castors suitable for hard floors. However, we can supply other castors including castors for carpets, lockable castors and loaded castors. If you are not sure what castors you need please contact us


    Black Leather
    Anthracite K85
    Black K05
    Bright Red K87
    Bright Green K81
    Bright Blue K80
    Grey K195
    Dark Blue K89
    Turquoise K184
    Turquoise K184
    Orange K93
    Green & Anthracite
    Orange & Anthracite
    Red & Anthracite

    Additional Accessories


    The footring can be fastened at the bottom of the gas stem and is designed to provide a firm support surface for the feet when sitting in a higher position.


    The backrest is designed to give an extra layer of support for longer procedures and for dental professionals with specific spine support needs. The support fits into the low part of the spine and is both height adjustable and back angle adjustable.

    360 Degree Support:

    The 360 degree upper limb support is a highly adjustable dynamic support. The ability to position the support at any position around the body, gives the user an enormous amount of flexibility in terms of upper limb support and it is particularly popular with dental hygienists and dental nurses.

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