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Salli Care Swing Saddle Stool

Salli Care Swing Saddle Stool

  • £45000 Exc VAT

The Salli Care Swing Saddle Stool is the budget version of the Salli Swing. The seat is made up from four pieces of leather offcuts and is available in black only. The base is made from a strong plastic polymer rather than the metal base that you get on the standard swing stool.
The Salli Swing was developed to offer saddle users the ability to move during sitting. The key to this functionality is a highly engineered spring that is integrated into the mechanism under the seat top. The spring not only facilitates seated movement in three directions, but also restrains movement so you always feel in total control during active sitting. The ability to move during sitting is most popular in dental professionals who are looking to build core muscle strength.

Another key feature of this stool is the fixed split between the two parts of the saddle, which is most popular with males. The split is designed to reduce pressure from the weight of the body on the perineal area and redistribute it to the sitting bones. This has been particularly popular in a number of men who find that solid saddle-stool sitting compresses their genital area. For females we recommend the adjustable split equivalent which is called the Swing Fit. If you want to know more about how the Swing might work for you please contact us.


The Adjustability:

  • Patented perineal pressure redistribution desig
  • Internal active movement technology designed to develop core muscle strength
  • Seat height adjustment
    Key Questions


    Who should use the Swing?

    The vast majority of people who trial one of our Swing chairs get on very well. We have found a small number of individuals, who have recently had back surgery and have very limited core stability, tend to find the dynamic nature of the stool a little challenging and for these individuals we have had much better success with a fixed lever seat such as a Twin or Multi. We have a number of years of experience helping customers find the right stool for their needs and so to access a free Salli product consultation with one of our Physiotherapists, please contact us.

    How far does the seat move? 

    Whilst the seat can move in 3 dimensions, the actual range of movement is extremely well controlled. The seat top moves less than 5 degrees in each direction. By strictly controlling the range of movement, the stool facilitates active sitting whilst enabling dentists to still perform precise dental work.

    What is the difference between the Swing and Swing Fit?

    Both stools have exactly the same core features and the only difference between them is that the split between the two parts of the saddle is fixed on the swing but not on the swing fit. Indeed, on the swing-fit you can adjust the width and angle between the two sides of the split seat, making it more suitable for females whilst the fixed split is more suitable for men?

    • Total width of seat: 400 mm min//435mm max
    • Forwards/backwards length of seat: 380mm
    • Total weight: 11.5 kg
    • Seat weight: 8kg
    • Base diameter:540 mm


    Gas Stem

    The gas stem height dictates the height of the seat and so it is crucial you take the time to ensure that it will suit your height. There are four gas stem options which should be selected based on your height. The short gas spring is suitable for users under 160 cm, medium for users between 155–180 cm and long spring for users that are over 170 cm. There is also Mini gas spring is for individuals who have extra low gas stem height requirements – please contact us for more information on the mini gas stem as it is not a standard product. It is worth noting that the spring mechanism on the Salli Swing and Swing Fit adds 5cm in height to the seat height, which means that the short gas spring is suitable for users under 165 cm, medium for users between 160–185 cm and long spring for users that are over 175 cm.



    As a standard the stools come with castors suitable for hard floors. However, we can supply other castors including castors for carpets, lockable castors and loaded castors. If you are not sure what castors you need please contact us

    Salli provides a 10 year warranty

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