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Ergomesh Ergonomic Chair - (In stock)

  • £30420 Exc VAT

  • The mesh flexiback is designed not only to support your upper back, but also help keep you in a much more ergonomic upright position.
  • The lumbar panel adjusts easily to offer great lumbar support, just where you need it, in the lower back.
  • The adjustable seat height is crucial for ensuring you get the optimal workstation position.
  • The super supportive foam seat cushion gently conforms to your body during the day.
  • The free float rocking mechanism enables active sitting during the day. Dynamic movement is essential to encourage blood flow throughout the body – the direct tension control below the seat adjusts to balance the chair for users.
  • The 3D adjustable arms give a lot of flexibility to ensure that you can access arm support when you need it, without them getting in the way. We understand that some people prefer not to have arms and they can easily be removed in this situation.
  • Standard black fabric 
  • Nylon base a standard


  • Price includes delivery, fitting and installation from a Chartered Physiotherapist within London, Greater London and the M25. Please note that due to Coronavirus we are supporting all installations using video calls as required.

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