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Adapt 500 Range

Ergochair Adapt 500 Chair


The Adapt 500 range is the ideal choice when you need a specific size of ergonomic chair on a budget. Within the range, there are 6 template sizes that provide different seat and backrest size combinations. You can then get the seat pan width and depth cut down to the ideal size.  Please note that the 500 range does not allow backrest width and height modification or seat tilt, so if you want this level of functionality you need to consider the Adapt 600 range .
If you want quick answers to your questions, you can speak to an Ergochair expert by calling 0203 051 0157, or simply send us any measurements  you have and what you hope to achieve and we can send recommendations. .

Key Measurements

  • Seat Depth: 470-530mm
  • Seat Width:510 mm
  • Back Height:520-600mm
  • Backrest Width:460mm

Key Features:

  • Made to measure seat depth and width
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable backrest height
  • Independently adjustable backrest angle
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Free float (rocking) mechanism
  • Optional adjustable armrests – see basic adaptations tab for more details

The template sizes

Model Seat Depth Seat Width Backrest Height Backrest Width
Adapt 511: 440 – 500 mm 480 mm 420 – 500 mm 420 mm
Adapt 512: 470 – 530 mm 510 mm 420 – 500 mm 420 mm
Adapt 521: 440 – 500 mm 480 mm 520 – 600 mm 460 mm
Adapt 522: 470 – 530 mm 510 mm 520 – 600 mm 460 mm
Adapt 531: 440 – 500 mm 480 mm 560 – 640 mm 465 mm
Adapt 532: 470 – 530 mm 510 mm 560 – 640 mm 465 mm


Is this the right range for users’ my needs? With so much variety within the Ergochair Adapt range, it can initially be challenging to work out what chair will best fit your needs. If you want quick answers on finding the best suited Adapt 500 chair, please contact us.

The Adapt 500 range is the ideal option if you need a budget ergonomic chair with a specific sized seat pan and seat depth, whilst not necessarily needing the option for backrest modification.

Can I get the chair fitted? We do offer full chair installation, fitting, and training in specific parts of the country. For more information on where this service is available please contact us  .

Can I get larger seat size in the 500 range? Yes the xl and xxl models are available in this range. To see how these sizes compare to other seat pan sizes in the range please see the size table below

How long will it take to get accustomed to the chair? We find that most users will feel instantly more comfortable when they move to a better fitting chair. However, it is worth noting that it often takes 2-3 weeks to get fully comfortable on the chair. During this time, the user may get some new aches and pains as the body transitions to the new position. As the soft tissue adapts the aches and pains normally dissipate. It is worth noting that because postural habits develop over a long period of time, it can take much longer for individuals to learn new healthier sitting habits. We can support users with a number of free resources to help with this, so please contact us for more information.

Model Seat Depth Seat Width
Adapt 511: 440 – 500 mm 480 mm
Adapt 512: 470 – 530 mm 510 mm
Adapt 521: 440 – 500 mm 480 mm
Adapt 522: 470 – 530 mm 510 mm
Adapt 531: 440 – 500 mm 480 mm
Adapt 532: 470 – 530 mm 510 mm
XL 540-600mm 510 mm
XXL 560-610 mm 610mm


What is the maximum weight limit? 150kg

What is the minimal weight limit for the mechanism to work correctly? 45kg

What is the warranty? The warranty on the Adapt 500 range is 5 years.

How can I be sure I get the right size? If you are at all unsure about whether you have the right chair in mind, please send us over your measurements and what you are trying to achieve and we will get right back to you.

Will this chair fit in with other chairs in the office? Yes, the Adapt chair fabric colours can normally be matched to most other fabrics that you may have in the office. For more information on the fabrics, please see the tabs above.

How long does it take to deliver this type of chair? Because most of these chairs will be made to order they will normally take from 7-10 working days to deliver.

How long will this type of chair last? All the chairs have a standard warranty of 5 years.

Where are these types of chair manufactured? All the chairs are made in the UK by skilled craftsmen.

How does the backrest work? The backrest is on a ratchet mechanism, which means you can raise the height while you are seated simply by reaching back and gently pushing upwards from the bottom of the seat pan. Once the backrest reaches the top of the height range, it will drop back to the bottom setting ready to be raised again.


  • Seat height: Ideally when the feet are firmly on the floor, the thigh to trunk angle should be 90 degrees or slightly more in order to help keep your pelvis in an upright position. If you are working at a workstation, the underside of the forearms should rest on the desk surface when the shoulders are relaxed and the elbow is flexed at 90 degrees.
  • Back height: Whilst the back support should ideally support the full spine, the key to setting the backrest height is to ensure that the lumbar support of the backrest fits into the lumbar arch of the spine and the majority of the spine is supported.
  • Armrests: The armrests should be positioned directly under relaxed shoulders, and should touch the underside of your forearms when your elbows are bent at right angles.
  • Seat Depth: When sitting with your bottom right back in the seat, your whole thigh should be supported, and there should be a space of approximately three fingers between the front of the seat and the back of your knee. This will ensure adequate thigh support without the cushion pressing on the back of the calf.

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